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Mercadillo de Navidad
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8 Diciembre 2018 12:00 - 20:00

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Casa de las Flores Mer and Sober on national TV

Made it onto national TV
We and the Ribeira Sacra

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A house in Galicia - The projectZapatero / Casa de las Flores
Mer 54 / 73 Proendos
27460 Sober (Lugo)
Galicia Spain

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Eco holiday Ribeira Sacra GaliciaEco Holiday?
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Ribeira Sacra tourismThe lonely tourist?
Unspoilt, tranquil, surprising, full of rural charme, but you maybe lonely.....

Public transport  rural GaliciaPublic transport?
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Water features hand madeHand made water features
A growing hobby copper, steel, solar power & water....


We took the plunge. Having searched for, found and bought a property (the project) in Galicia, we are now experiencing all the issues surrounding a move to Spain, renting our house in the UK and at the same time opening a support office for our company.

Have we bitten off more than we can swallow? Well time will tell. Telling about the whole experience and unearthing the often hidden, forgotten, glossed over or taken for granted little issues is one of the aims of this site. We would value any participation, comments and probably need lots of encouragement.

Having moved from Germany to the UK 20+ years ago, expatriation is not an  unknown for us and for example the bureaucracy in Spain brings back memories of Germany. So some of the "quirks" when moving within the EU will have some interesting insights.

Here is a slide show of our project so far:

Renovating in the Ribeira Sacra Galicia


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