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OK so where is Galicia?

Sattelite map of Spain and Portugal

Lets start with a nice satellite map of the whole of Spain.

On your top right, where the clouds are, are the Pyrenees and the border to France.

To the right going down is the Mediterranean coast.

Going down you can see the straight of Gibraltar, separating Europe from Africa.

Going up, through Portugal, we come to the top left corner.

That is where Galicia is!

Notice how green it is along the atlantic cost. The coast of this green corner of the Iberian Peninsula is also known as the "A Costa do Marisco"

Galicia and provinces

Galicia straddles the NORTH WEST corner of Spain.

Galicia shares a name with a region in central Europe currently divided between Poland and Ukraine. Read about Galicia in central Europe on Wikipedia

Galicia covers about 6% of Spain and about 7% of its population - just  under 3 million.

The coast is fjord like - very important for the fishery - and rough - different to the rest of Spain.

Inland, the region is less populated and suffers from migration to the coast and the major cities of Spain.

The landscape is a variety of heavily forested areas, with deep gorges and dammed up rivers, interspersed by south facing slopes given to vine and clusters of fields for general agriculture and pasture.

On the above map the red dot indicates where we are. Ribeira Sacra, very rural, surrounded by deep gorges not to far from Monforte de Lemos and Ourense.

Here is Google maps - Click on the markers or sidebar - Don't forget to really zoom in! - New to Gmaps? + zooms in - click and hold the mouse - now you can move the map

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