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Rant about public transport in Monforte the capital of the Ribeira Sacra

Public transport Monforte – Yup – still is the end of the known world

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Having had visitors from Mexico lately we realised that in terms of public transport we are still somewhere near the end of the world.

As far as Monforte is concerned the situation is bit like this :Monforte at the end of the world



Ok, here ar some places to get informations:

A reasonable bus schedule is to be found here -

Checking for Monforte Santiago on a Sunday reveals - just one at 22:00 So if you want to visit Santiago best to do it on a work day. The alternative is to go to Ourense or Lalin and take a bus from there. Just be careful the last bus back may not run - better ask!

There is a daily bus to Madrid - beware it stops very often and may take 9+ hours, whereas the fast one from Ourense only takes about 5 and a bit.

Quick List

Bus Freire S.L. (Santiago, Lugo,...)
Monbus (Monforte, Ourense,....)
ALSA Buses Spain

Renfe (Spanish railway)

Santiago de C. SCQ - (L)A Coruna - Vigo
Asturias (Oviedo) - (O)Porto - Leon

Spanish Airports Aena

The Spanish railway system barely extends to Galicia. Thus if you wanted to take a train Monforte to Santiago you'll have to stay overnight as it leaves Monforte at about 6pm!. Ourense(ians) have a better chance as there is an early morning train and a late evening train back . Check the schedules here:

If you want to go larger distances it pays to know the word "transbordo" (change trains) as the first answer you receive asking at the ticket window is - nunca / nada or compledo - insisting on "transbordo" you will get alternatives (via Burgos or Plalenca)

It has to be said that the offers of Trenhotel to go to Madrid or Barcelona are, in my opinion, great. We had no time to renew a passport which has to be done in Madrid. We took the sleeper Monforte to Madrid at midnight got there at 8am and took the sleeper back the same day which leaves Madrid at 10pm. Full day in Madrid and slept well - Grand Classe is a bit more expensive but well worth the money pain. 30 days in advance booked via the net these are 42.50Euro/person one way the normal sleeper is just 28.45Euros.

A visit to or from Barcelona can be similarly comfortable. Just if you wanted to rent a car here you have to go one stop further to Ourense.

Car hire is available in Ourense at the railway station and all airports in Galicia. May I recommend to use a broker like AutoEurope as they tend to get the best prices - I recommend Departures-Arrivals AutoEurope car hire


Yes, there would be the alternative to go by boat.

Unfortunately they put in a lot
of these:Hydro electrics

boat lift

Conveniently they omitted to put some of those  (boat lift) as well. So after few miles you face a rather steep climb and have to hope for another boat.


But don't get me wrong life at the former end of the world has it's advantages and charm.

For us it's rather simple, why would we go somewhere? We live in an area of outstanding beauty and have selected the tranquil more simple and sustainable country life.

There are also the more leisurely delights, like taking a catamaran on the rio Sil or Mino, go walking / strolling, use the vine bus, and many more -> Around us - What to do

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You may wish to read our quick guide about - Tourism in the Ribeira Sacra - , because you will be pretty much on your own. It is one of the best kept secrets for nature lovers all year round and so far, the local tourism organisations do their best to keep it that way.

If you are looking for an Eco friendly holiday with a low carbon foot print - look deeper into this area and our take on - An Eco Green Holiday in the Ribeira Sacra Galicia Spain - .

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