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Our litle project in Mer

Our little project in Mer near Sober

In the blog will be many more stories about how and when this came about.

Our house in Hamstreet was finally finished after 15 years, putting in a brand new kitchen and not to forget opening the garden under the NGS scheme.

So we where becoming a bit too comfortable and started looking for a new challenge.

Flying over Galicia on several occasions, admiring the view from 30.000 feet up we got curious. So when one day Ryanbus opened a new route to Santiago de Compostela we just booked.

Being an Internet addict obviously accommodations (a house to rent) was searched for and booked virtually. This landed us in the area of Monforte / Ourense and we simply loved it.
Galicia threw quite some obstacles our way - like arriving at the rented house and the only keys being on their way to Portugal - visiting the accident and emergency of Monforte hospital and being diagnosed with pneumonia - getting robbed in Barcelona on our way to Ourense - or simply not being able to "see" a property due to dense fog.
(All these will be separate stories - soon to be written and published here)

Galicia map

Well, it simply did not put us off.

Now than, why not look for a challenge in Galicia. Preferably a rural one where we can get our teeth in.

The experience of searching for a suitable dwelling, like visiting up to four a day for ten days is not to be missed.
Some only viewable from the outside, but invisible due to fog.
Others ready to move in, just overshadowed by another large building.
Some so remote that we had to hack trough brambles to get even near.
One was just above a 4 lane highway, very moving view.
One sticks in my mind as it was so high up the mountains, just teetering on the edge of a steep cliff, that we enquired about the cost of rope securing us whilst gardening.

Hunting for houses and having a good brief will still leave you with a feeling that only ever other people seem to find what you want. This is until the moment you look at a property, walk in and feel at home. Yes, this is what happened to us. It is not what we originally ventured out to find - it simply took us by surprise.

I can now happily reveal that the whole process of buying this property was rather painless, as we took advice and read a lot about it. Yes, you guessed right - searching and reading on the Internet. More about this including valuable links in articles on the blog as soon as we get round to writing them and agree on the text.

Oh did I mention that you are welcome to stay as the rental part is finished.
No worries the rest does mainly need cosmetics. All major surgery has been done.




Here are some impressions of before and after

The row lime surgery





bodega new doors windows and cosmetics





inside the bodegaready to cook and entertain





the box roomhappy showering






just an overgrown yardhappy days on private neach






These are just some changes - for more check out the growing before and after slideshow here - Zapatero / Casa de flores - Before & After
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Here are more pictures - Please contact us for details




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